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Faith In Action: The Journey into Leadership, and Beyond

Faith In Action: The Journey into Leadership, and Beyond

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In his book, On Becoming a Leader, Warren Bennis writes, "The process of becoming a leader is much the same as the process of becoming an integrated human being." How has your leadership journey been part of your spiritual journey? What surprising and unexpected directions or vistas has it opened for you? What wisdom have you gained? How is that wisdom guiding you in your home life and your work life, as well as in your congregational life?

Think about the ways your congregation deploys the wisdom of its leaders after they have served in a particular authorized leadership capacity. Figure out a way for you to deploy yourself following your term of service in your authorized leadership capacity. Where are you longing to serve and to bring your gifts of wisdom an experience? You might consider volunteering to be a mentor to a Coming of Age youth. You might consider working on a congregational social justice project. You might offer to work with the congregation's stewardship campaign or a long-range planning group. You might consider being an excellent "follower" for the next group of authorized congregational leaders. Begin now to think about what you will do when your term as authorized leader is over so that you can continue to carry your leadership gifts into the congregation and into the world.

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