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Alternate Activity 1: Ideal Congregational Leader, Revisited

Alternate Activity 1: Ideal Congregational Leader, Revisited

Activity time: 30 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Newsprint, markers and tape

Description of Activity

In Workshop 3, participants imagined an Ideal Congregational Leader. As the Harvest the Power program concludes, invite participants to work in teams to imagine (or re-imagine) an Ideal Congregational Leader to present to the entire group.

Ask participants to form groups of three or four. Give each small group a

sheet of newsprint and some markers and invite them to work together to draw the Ideal Congregational Leader, including that person's surroundings, support mechanisms and other essential leadership tools. If the group did Workshop 3, remind them of the drawings they made of the Ideal Congregational Leader and invite them to re-imagine that person in the light of their work in Harvest the Power workshops.

Indicate that imagination and whimsy are welcome. For example, if the Ideal Congregational Leader must be able to fix or mend anything that breaks, depict them with a hammer and nails and/or a needle and thread. Give the groups twelve minutes to complete the drawings.

After the drawings are complete, invite each group to present their drawing, explaining each aspect of their drawing. Allow about 10 minutes for all the presentations. Then, engage the group in conversation. Ask how their current understanding of the qualities, skills and context for good leadership differs from ideas they held when the Harvest the Power program began.

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