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Spiritual Preparation

Spiritual Preparation

Consider a challenge facing your congregation right now. Use the process described in Activity 2 to identify some of the emotional and relational systems at play. Talk with your parish minister about the challenge, using the content of this workshop. Ask their observations about the congregation's emotional and relational systems in regard to the challenge facing the congregation. Reflect on the minister's observations and your own as you prepare to lead this workshop.

Examine the three guidelines for leaders in Handout 1. How are you doing a good job of caring for yourself as a leader? Are you having more difficulty doing so? In meditation or prayer, express compassion and a wish for spiritual and emotional health for yourself and for all the participants in this workshop.

To strengthen your leadership skills and confidence, explore the leadership development resources recommended at the end of the workshop, as well as Workshop 1, Leader Resource 1, Accessibility Guidelines for Workshop Presenters.

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