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Handout 1: Harvest the Power Schedule

Copy and paste workshop names next to the dates and times you will hold each workshop. Fill in workshop leaders' names and contact information.

Workshop leaders:


(Insert name(s) and contact information.)












































Identity module

Workshop 1: Leadership Journey

Workshop 2: Unitarian Universalist Journey

Workshop 3: Power and Authority

Workshop 4: Turning Points and Moments of Grace

Purpose module

Workshop 5: Fated to Be Free

Workshop 6: Caring for Ourselves and Each Other

Workshop 7: Integrity

Workshop 8: Imagination and Creativity

Path module

Workshop 9: Facing Danger

Workshop 10: Understanding Systems in Your Congregation

Workshop 11: Keeping Distress Productive

Workshop 12: Adaptive Leadership

The first workshop in each module focuses on the individual.

The second workshop in each module focuses on the community.

The third workshop in each module focuses on a specific context of leadership.

The fourth workshop in each group focuses on vision.

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