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Activity 4: Concepts of the Divine/Ultimate

Activity 4: Concepts of the Divine/Ultimate
Activity 4: Concepts of the Divine/Ultimate

Activity time: 20 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Blank paper for all participants
  • Colored markers
  • Optional: Tape or sticky putty to display drawings on a wall

Preparation for Activity

  • Arrange work area so participants have individual space to draw as well as access to shared materials.
  • Identify a table or wall space to display drawings.

Description of Activity

Explain to participants that being an effective leader requires self-awareness, not just about one's skills, talents and leadership journey, but also about one's own spiritual journey. Invite them to think back to their childhood and their earliest memories of questions or thoughts about God or about that which is ultimate. If it is helpful, they might replace the word "God" by the phrase, "that which we should place our confidence or trust in."

Distribute paper and colored markers and invite participants to represent their childhood concepts of the ultimate/divine. Let them know their drawing can be either representational, such as a picture of what the divine looked like in their minds, or metaphorical, depicting the emotions that questions and thoughts about the divine or ultimate evoked, in their childhood. Allow five minutes for drawing.

Then, give each person a second sheet of paper. Invite them to take another five minutes to represent their current concept of the divine or ultimate.

When participants have completed drawing, ask them to choose a partner different from the one with whom they shared their leadership story and take five minutes each to share their drawings with that person.

Collect the drawings and display them on a table or wall, sorting childhood images and impressions from those which are current. In addition to reflecting on their own theology and changes over time, participants will be able to perceive the diversity of views within the group.

Including All Participants

If any participants are unable to draw or prefer not to, invite them to verbalize their concepts or use words rather than pictures.

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