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Welcoming and Entering

Welcoming and Entering
Welcoming and Entering

Activity time: 0 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Blank name tags with plastic holders, and markers
  • Handout 1, Harvest the Power Schedule
  • Table for participants to create their name tags
  • Music and player

Preparation for Activity

  • Adapt Handout 1 to create a schedule of workshops for your Harvest the Power program.
  • Select welcoming music to play as participants arrive. Set up music player.
  • Set out workshop schedules and materials for making name tags.

Description of Activity

As participants arrive, invite them to make name tags to use throughout the program. Let them know you will recycle the plastic holders at the end of the program. Invite each participant to take a copy of Handout 1.

Including All Participants

If any participants are visually impaired, prepare the name tags yourself. Invite arriving participants to introduce themselves to one another and to you, and hand each their name tag.

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