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Activity time: 18 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Print Leader Resource 1, The Wisdom Tree, and prepare to read it aloud.
  • Customize Taking It Home and copy for all participants. You may wish to include this workshop's Faith in Action activity, this workshop's Find Out More section, and/or the Spiritual Preparation section of the workshop that comes next in your series.

Description of Activity

Lead a conversation using one of these questions as a guide:

  • Just how important are personal experiences? Can we effectively engage where we don't have any kind of personal connection or experience?
  • What are the limits of our personal stories? Where does their usefulness begin? Where does it end?
  • Are there times when our stories should not be the framework by which we define or shape our moral decisions? If so, how do we recognize and address those circumstances?
  • What factors or circumstances limit our ability to fully comprehend another's experience and perspective? What effect might those limits have on our willingness to rely on narratives-our own or those known to us-to make moral and ethical choices?

After a few minutes of conversation, distribute Taking It Home. Share Leader Resource 1, The Wisdom Tree, as you extinguish the chalice.

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