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Handout 2: Procedure for Creating Your Skit

Handout 2: Procedure for Creating Your Skit
  • Choose a timekeeper to keep the group on task. You will have 20 minutes to create your skit and prepare to lead a discussion afterward.
  • Each person in your small reflection group will share a personal experience where the multicultural skill or practice was either absent or well done. Limit yourself to a brief, one-minute story.
  • Choose the story that best exemplifies the multicultural skill or practice and that can best accommodate all the members of your group in a skit.
  • Create a skit that lasts no more than three minutes. It should focus on a specific problem (not multiple issues that are complicated and difficult to discern). Ask yourselves, "Is this skit believable?"
  • Make the skit action-packed: Move! Gesture! Demonstrate!
  • Practice the skit once, from beginning to end.
  • Prepare to lead a discussion after the skit, using these or similar questions: What happened in the skit? What multicultural competence did you see enacted? Where was there opportunity for multicultural competence that was not enacted, but could have been?

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