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Handout 2: Dismantling Privilege

Handout 2: Dismantling Privilege
Handout 2: Dismantling Privilege

Steps for Dismantling Privilege

  • Step 1: NAME IT! Grapple with understanding of what privilege is and how it works in everyday life.
  • Step 2: DEAL WITH IT! Identify privilege, address it, and take some personal responsibility for not allowing it to continue.
  • Step 3: REFRAME IT! Build new roles, practices, shared values, and relationships with others to counteract privilege.

Questions to Consider

  • Who is advantaged or privileged?
  • How do I contribute to this form of privilege?
  • What are some new roles or practices that would not allow this manifestation of privilege to continue?
  • What are the risks for each person or group in this proposed new scheme of things? What are the benefits?

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