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Introduction, Workshop 22: Sharing Our New Wisdom

In "Building the World We Dream About," a Tapestry of Faith program

Unitarian Universalists have a role to play as healers and repairers of the broken world we have inherited from our ancestors. Our congregations have a role to play as places to practice—to rehearse—Beloved Community for the benefit of future generations. — Taquiena Boston, Director of Multicultural Growth and Witness, Unitarian Universalist Association

This workshop invites participants to form action plans to build on their learning and insights about antiracism and multiculturalism. Action plans may include strengthening relationships that have been built between and among participants and relationships initiated in the community panel and community field trip experiences. Workshop participants set easily achievable goals as well as "stretch" goals, taking into account that actions which require the support, engagement, and participation of the larger congregation or community also require participants' commitment to helping shape the vision, goals, strategies, and actions needed to secure that support, engagement, and participation.

A few days before the workshop, remind participants to bring any notes, observations, and insights they made after further reflection on the simulation or case studies.

Before leading this workshop, review the accessibility guidelines in the program Introduction under Integrating All Participants.

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Last updated on Saturday, December 10, 2011.

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