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You can read and use Tapestry of Faith programs by browsing the Tapestry of Faith web site, reading the parts of programs that look interesting, and printing pages that would be useful to you. But what if you want want to use a program at your congregation? You can download, save, and print Tapestry of Faith materials—either entire programs or individual sessions or workshops. Here's how.

Downloading a Program, Session, or Workshop

  1. Click the "Entire Program" link on the main page of a program to download the entire program.
    Or, click the "Entire Session" or "Entire Workshop" link on the main page for an individual session or workshop. 
  2. Your web browser asks you what to do with it. Click Save.
  3. Specify a folder on your computer, and save the file. Downloading takes a minute or two for a single session or workshop, and may take several minutes for an entire program

Editing a Program, Session, or Workshop

Once you've downloaded the DOC file, you can open, edit, and print it.

  1. Open the file you just downloaded, in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, or almost any other word processing program. You'll see the text and pictures that make up the program. 
  2. Choose File > Save As, set Save As Type to Word Document, and click Save. (In other word processors, choose File > save As and choose the program's own format.) 
  3. If your word processor warns that you will lose connection to external files, click Continue. 
  4. Add page numbers, by choosing Insert > Page Numbers or Format > Page > Numbering, and choose File > Save again.
  5. Now you can make any changes you like, and print as many copies as you need. Be sure to save again if you make changes.

Adding Page Numbers and Narrowing Margins

The downloaded file doesn't have page numbers and the page margins are the defaults from your word processor, which are usually very wide.

  • In Microsoft Word: Choose Insert > Page Numbers from the menu. (On the Mac, choose View > Headers and Footers first.) For margins, choose File > Page Setup.
  • In WordPerfect: Choose Format > Page > Numbering from the menu. For margins, choose Format > Margins.

Printing Handouts

Before you print handouts, consider making the type size larger for those with vision challenges. Use at least 12 point type, preferably 14 point.

Copyright Concerns

Tapestry of Faith programs are copyrighted material owned by the Unitarian Universalist Association, with pictures and other materials used by permission as indicated in each program. The UUA grants permission for UU congregations to use complete programs or individual sessions or workshops as needed in your religious education programs. You may download, modify, use, and share the materials here as you see fit for any non-commercial purpose as long as you keep the UUA copyright notice intact.

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