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Who do I contact to apply when a field test call is announced?

Email fieldtest [at] uua [dot] org to receive information about an application or to apply.

Who do I contact if I have content questions about the program being field tested?

Content questions can be directed to fieldtest [at] uua [dot] org unless another email address is provided; your questions will then be forwarded onto the appropriate person.

Who can apply to a field test?

Any congregation, located anywhere! We look for diversity in congregations—large, small, varied locations, etc.

Can I receive a field test program (or sample sessions/workshops) before it is available online?

We sometimes have one session available for you to peruse and decide if the program is right for your needs. Please email fieldtest [at] uua [dot] org to inquire if it’s available for the program you’re interested in field testing.

Can programs be adapted during the field testing process?

Yes, Tapestry of Faith programs are meant to be highly adaptable. If you choose to adapt any session/workshop, please indicate how you did so when providing feedback.

The field test call indicates an allotted time (i.e. Fall 2013) for the field test, but our congregation would like to schedule the program at a different time (i.e. Winter 2014). Will we still be able to participate in the field test?

If you have a different schedule than the field test call, please email fieldtest [at] uua [dot] org, and the appropriate person from the Faith Development Office will discuss your use of the material with you.

Our congregation is using the program in a non-standard way (a cluster of congregations, not completing all of the workshops, etc.). Who can I talk with to discuss our use during the field test?

Email fieldtest [at] uua [dot] org, and the appropriate person from the Faith Development Office will discuss your use of the material.

After filling out an application, when will I hear from the Faith Development Office about an acceptance/rejection?

Within seven days.

Our congregation has been accepted as a field test congregation! What is the next step?

You will receive a field test letter detailing your commitments to the field test. These include: URL links to brief surveys after each completed session/workshop and/or completing narrative feedback forms at the end of the field tested program.

What do the surveys consist of? Is there a long time-commitment and do they have to be completed after the session/workshop?

The surveys are created through Survey Monkey. Each survey URL corresponds with a different session/workshop. The surveys ask you to choose one of four choices for each element: Keep, Drop, Change, N/A. There is a Comments section after each question to elaborate (i.e. If you feel as though an Activity in Session 4 of a field test program needs to be changed, please note in the Comments how you did or would have changed the activity). Only provide comments that would be useful; “Didn’t do/didn’t have time” is not helpful for our revision process when the field test is complete. Each survey takes about 20-30 minutes depending on how many elements you covered in each workshop. It is recommended that survey questions are completed after each session/workshop—the ideas are still fresh in leaders’ minds at that time.

What are the narrative feedback forms? Do we have to complete both types of feedback?

Narrative feedback forms consist of a Participant Feedback Form and a Facilitator Feedback Form. These are in the Introductions of every Tapestry of Faith program; you can view them by going to any Tapestry of Faith program’s Introduction section. These forms have questions that relate to the overall program, and not individual Activities (i.e. Overall, what was your experience with this program? What specifically did you find most helpful or useful about this program?) Both forms of feedback are not required; however, since the survey and the feedback forms often yield different results, we would certainly love to receive both!

Multiple facilitators are teaching the sessions/workshops and we need to revisit a previous survey; will this affect our commitment to filling out the surveys?

No, the surveys are designed so that you can go back into your session/workshop and make corrections or add Comments.

Our teachers are having difficulty accessing the URL links that were provided in the field test letter. Please advise.

The surveys open in almost any browser (I.E., Firefox, etc.). If you experience other technical issues, please email fieldtest [at] uua [dot] org.

Who do I contact if I want to discuss educational or philosophic concerns during the field testing process?

Please email Jessica York, Faith Development Director, at fpadirector [at] uua [dot] org.

Our congregation has finished the field test. What happens with our feedback?

The Faith Development Office will analyze the valuable feedback you have provided and revise the program accordingly. Your feedback is crucial to the development of these programs. Thank you!

We need to drop out of the field test mid-way through. Can we send informal feedback about sessions/workshops we were able to complete?

Yes! Please send informal feedback to religiouseducation [at] uua [dot] org.

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