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Defining Family Ministry

Family-affirming Reflective Questions

With the firm belief that effective ministry with families involves building a partnership between congregation and home, I offer the following questions to help congregations become more family-friendly and to help families at home nurture their Unitarian Universalist faith. May they stimulate your own creativity in family programming.
—Pat Hoertdoerfer

  1. Does the program account for different family forms represented by families in your congregation?
  2. Does the program account for the variety of ethnic groups in the congregation and their particular needs?
  3. Does the scheduling of the program reflect the busy and, often, complex calendar of families?
  4. Does the program address the individuals in relation to their families or the overall needs of the entire family?
  5. Does the program improve the capacity for families to understand and address the family developmental issues appropriate to their family life cycle stage?
  6. Does the program have a process that helps the participating individuals and their families deal with the change and growth the program encourages?
  7. Are parents involved in planning, implementing, and evaluating the program?
  8. Does the program improve the relationship between the congregation and the family?
  9. Does the program empower families to share and live their Unitarian Universalist faith at home, and help them grow together as family?
  10. Does the program provide families with resources and activities for home use?
  11. Does the program help families connect with other families in family groupings or intergenerational groupings to share and celebrate their Unitarian Universalist faith?
  12. Does the program help families connect with other families in family groupings or intergenerational groupings to serve others in the congregation or community?

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Last updated on Monday, March 25, 2013.

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