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What should our group do with this?
What should our group do with this?
Faith Development, Young Adult Faith Development (ages 18-35)

We intend this to be a resource for groups to discuss how we come together as communities of faith. We hope that this Code will inspire you to discuss what ethics and right relationship mean within the context of your group, community or conference. While we hope that you will ask your leaders (and perhaps even all of your members) to adhere to this Code, the discussions that come from looking at it together can and should be the framework for developing group norms that are founded in ethical behavior.

Some things you might want to discuss are:

  • How can our group members support each other in developing ways to care for ourselves and meet our needs in appropriate ways?
  • Given that Unitarian Universalist young adult communities are often places where people can find others who share (or respect) their values and perspectives, how do we feel about dating and intimate relationships within our group? What are appropriate limits to put on group members in this regard?
  • What are the multiple identities that each of us bring to a group? How are identities intertwined with systems of power in our society? What is the responsibility of our group to members of communities whose identities marginalize them in our society?
  • How do we create a healthy culture around conflict and change?
  • How is our group connected to the wider Unitarian Universalist movement and to Unitarian Universalist congregations?
  • How does our Unitarian Universalist faith inform the ways in which we build relationships with each other and lead one another?

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