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A Wind Swept Over the Waters

Reflections on 60 Favorite Bible Passages

John Nichols

As our lives change, even the most familiar words of the Bible can strike us in new and unexpected ways. Many of us were brought up to believe that a scriptural passage can have only one meaning. This idea limits our appreciation. Reading the Bible is like looking into a spiritual mirror. When we really absorb its language and images and give ourselves time to let them work their way into our souls, the ancient words can touch our life experience in unexpected ways.
—from the Preface

The language and drama of the Bible have an enduring power throughout our culture, whether or not we see this classic text as the word of God. From the seven days of creation in the Old Testament to the vineyard laborers of Jesus’ parable, here are well-known and inspiring biblical passages, accompanied and invigorated by Nichols’s fresh, meditative reflections. This accessible approach offers readers the opportunity to experience this timeless wisdom in a new way.

John Nichols is interim minister at First Unitarian Church of Providence, Rhode Island, and has served congregations in Massachusetts, Illinois and New York for nearly forty years. The author of The Biblical Humanist Companion, Nichols resides in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts, with his wife Nancy.

Praise for A Wind Swept Over the Waters:

"These short, deft, thoughtful essays reflect the reality of our lives and witness to 'a power in scripture that transcends theology.' Nichols sees God in a waterfall, a whisper, a hand, an unfair boss, insomnia, parties, catastrophes and a six-year old asking, 'Who’s in charge here?'"
—Carl Scovel, author, Never Far from Home

"Nichols offers us a model for reflecting personally on selected Bible passages. Neither highfalutin' academic nor pop psych spiritual, A Wind Swept Over the Waters reveals one liberal theist's success at making sense of human existence with help from the Bible."
—Jane Rzepka, senior minister, Church of the Larger Fellowship

"Nichols revitalizes well-known Bible passages and shows us how we can bring our own lens to these ancient teachings while avoiding the rote interpretations of orthodoxy. We are fortunate indeed to have this refreshing and provocative reading of our most precious religious text."
—Denis Meacham, associate minister, First Parish, Brewster, Massachusetts

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Last updated on Tuesday, March 30, 2010.

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