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This Piece of Eden


Vanessa Rush Southern

"Physics tells us there is chaos in the cosmos, in every atom, in the wanderings of every electron. Why should our existence be any different? So, here is our new life philosophy, or at least part of it: Expect, watch for, and embrace uncertainty; dance with the madness of the cosmos, not against it; leave your door open and your heart ready for anything. In this adult world, it may be the only way, not just to survive what is inevitable but to thrive in the midst of it."
—from This Piece of Eden

A UUA meditation manual for 2001.

"If you are looking for miracles, Vanessa Southern will show you where to find them—here and now—as effortlessly woven through the fabric of everyday life as are the meditations in this gentle book."
—Forrest Church, author, Life Craft and Life Lines

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Last updated on Tuesday, March 30, 2010.

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