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Questions for the Religious Journey

Finding Your Own Path

George Kimmich Beach

"Religious ideas and emotions are closely linked to our quest for more authentic humanity, even for what Hindus call a 'great soul.' More than any other subject, religion inspires mindless credulity in some people and skepticism, even cynicism, in others. We've all known 'true believers' and 'the disillusioned,' and at some point in our life journeys we may have counted ourselves among one group or the other. This book is addressed to people who seek something better than these alternatives, who want an intellectually honest and a deeply felt religious faith."
—from the Preface

What does it mean to be religious? Why do the idea and the experience of God persist in an age of science? What validates moral values and rescues us from being either moralistic or relativistic? Are religious communities a help or a hindrance to a spiritual life? These probing questions are tools for our religious quest, no matter where we are in our religious journey.

This empowering book offers tools for religious introspection and encourages readers to "seek answers that will mark the pathway as your own." Useful as a starting point and as a resource to revisit as our perspectives shift, Questions for the Religious Journey draws on a wide array of sources for inspiration, from Jami, a Muslim of fifteenth-century Persia, to the poetry of Emily Dickinson and Denise Levertov.

George Kimmich Beach is the editor of three volumes of essays by James Luther Adams: The Prophethood of All Believers (Beacon Press, 1986), An Examined Faith: Social Context and Religious Commitment (Beacon Press, 1991) and The Essential James Luther Adams: Selected Essays and Addresses (Skinner House Books, 1998). Beach has published essays on Adams in The American Journal of Theology and Philosophy, Faith and Freedom (Great Britain) and The Unitarian Universalist Christian. His video, “JLA at Home,” features Adams discussing his life and work with laypersons from Arlington, Virginia, in 1988.

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Last updated on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

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