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How Much Do We Deserve?

An Inquiry Into Distributive Justice

Richard S. Gilbert

"How much do we deserve? There is no more important social or moral question before us as we move into the new century. Our problem is not that we do not have the economic resources to end poverty and reduce inequality. Even before the expansion of the 1990s there were adequate resources. We lacked something then as we do now. Former president George Bush once bemoaned that in facing these social problems the nation had more will than wallet. I beg to differ. Our problems is that we have more wallet than will."
—from How Much Do We Deserve?

Economics and theology are about as far apart as two disciplines can get, but Gilbert has mastered them both and brings them together here to shed new light on the comprehensive injustice arising from the gap between rich and poor in this country. Draws on richly diverse ethical and religious sources, including Judeo-Christian, Buddhist and Humanist traditions.

How Much Do We Deserve? An Inquirty Into Distributive Justce:A Study Guide (PDF, 33 pages)

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Last updated on Sunday, January 11, 2015.

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