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Glad to Be Human


Kaaren Solveig Anderson

"Then God got mad. He cursed us both. He said that I would scream out in pain during childbirth, that I would regret the day I was born. But I must say, I never expected anything different after watching the animals in the garden give birth. They too suffered pain, yet had such a magnificent way to appreciate the outcome. We listened to the end of his tirade, and Adam just plopped down right there, looking out at everything he felt he had lost.

I picked up the apple and went to the gate. I stood there for a while, leaning against that cold wrought iron, throwing the apple up and down. Up and down. Up and down. I stood enjoying the rhythm of that apple slap into my hand, followed by silence as the air embraced it for a brief moment. Then slap. Then rest. Then slap. I looked out over the vast expanse of that wilderness, thinking about a song I had heard, ' You can make the world your apple, take a bite before it sours, you can make the world your charm or your chain.' I knew it lay before me, my life, my opportunity, my humanness. And I said out loud, in a clear voice, 'I'm so glad to be Human!'"
—from Glad to Be Human

A UUA meditation manual for 2000.

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Last updated on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

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