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In This Very Moment

A Simple Guide to Zen Buddhism

James Ishmael Ford

In This Very Moment is a 100-page summary of Zen Buddhism. Like chess, Zen Buddhism seems easy. It takes five minutes to learn the moves of chess and a lifetime to master it—if you can master it at all. James Ishmael Ford, spiritual director of the Zen Community of Boston, shows readers the “moves” of Zen Buddhism and inspires them to walk the lifelong path of mastering Zen. He introduces all the basics-everything any reader curious about entering into Zen Buddhism would want to know—in this tiny book. Such an undertaking would be intimidating for most writers, but Ford succeeds beautifully.

Praise for In This Very Moment:

"In This Very Moment presents an insider's view of the Zen path by an authorized teacher ordained in the Soto tradition who has also practiced in several different lineages. The title itself captures the heart of Zen, which can also be described as the awakening to the dynamic reality of the present moment. Its description of koan training as a journey to the inner depths of one's being is truly illuminating and refreshing."
—Ruben Habito, Zen teacher at the Maria Kannon Zen Center, Dallas, Texas

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Last updated on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

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