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Finding the Voice Inside

Writing as A Spiritual Quest for Women

Gail Collins-Ranadive

"Writing can be the reflexive moment that begins the journey toward healing and wholeness, but it is only phase one of the spiritual quest. The goal is to move you from the poetic revelation to something beyond your own conscious will."
—from the Introduction

This revised edition of Writing Re-creatively offers forty practical yet imaginative writing exercises inviting women to explore their uniquely feminine spirituality. Includes writing samples, resources, and suggestions for tailoring the exercises to group and individual use.

Gail Collins-Ranadive is an ordained minister currently living in New Hampshire. She received an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from The American University in Washington, DC, and a master of divinity degree from Starr King School for the Ministry in Berkeley, CA. She is author of If You'd Been Born in India.

Praise for Finding the Voice Inside:

"When I was leading a women's spirituality group for students and staff of the University of California Medical Center at San Francisco, this book was just what I needed. Finding the Voice Inside gave these women a way into their own spiritual journeys. Some of them, who were sure they couldn't write a word, wrote and wrote and then shared what they had written with one another. For many, it was a transformative experience."
—Barbara Child, minister

"I casually tried one of the writing exercises and discovered a gaping hole in my spiritual support system. As a result of that one simple exercise, I began a ten-year search that allowed me to be healed of my wounds and develop a new way to be."
—Karen R. Clark, artist, author

"After these workshops, we've continued to meet down through the years, sharing the deep and meaningful subject matter in the safe space of confidentiality and honesty."
—Helen Popenoe, member of the Unitarian Universalist Women and Religion Committee

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Last updated on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

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