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The Little Book of Wholeness and Prayer

An Eight-Week Meditation Guide

Kimberly Beyer-Nelson

This self-guided program introduces the rich tradition of daily prayer practice. Six exercises for each week (forty-eight in all) invite readers to actively participate in a daily “dance between one's self and God” by using the senses, memory, emotion and imagination in combination with the discipline of intentional daily routine.

Beyer-Nelson offers background in the history of this tradition, and introduces readers to a number of prayer forms (contemplation, verbal prayer and centering prayer). In addition to a host of practical suggestions on choosing the right physical space, the use of music, journaling, eating habits and exercise, this eloquent resource explores the practice of daily prayer as a vehicle for meaningful and lasting personal and spiritual development. Includes journal space.

Kimberley Beyer-Nelson, an experienced Yoga teacher and practitioner, is the director of religious growth and learning at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Praise for The Little Book of Wholeness and Prayer:

"The Little Book of Wholeness and Prayer is a book that I feel comfortable recommending to my congregation, regardless of their spiritual orientation or ideology. This book is a gentle way of leading the seeker into a deeper connection with spirit and self. One has the sense that Beyer-Nelson is walking alongside the reader, gently encouraging and celebrating one's progress."
—Rev. Kayle Rice, consulting minister, Marquette Unitarian Universalist Congregation

"Beyer-Nelson guides us to attend to our bodies, our souls, our imaginations, our emotions and the world around us. She encourages us to write, sing, drum, dance and draw our prayers, allowing us to discover new ways to pray that lead us into the loving presence of God."
—Jane Vennard, author, Praying with Body and Soul: A Way to Intimacy with God

"Embrace a practice of prayer and meditation from a simple yet elegant perspective."
—Nischala Joy Devi, author, The Healing Path of Yoga

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Last updated on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

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