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Rejoice Together

Prayers, Meditations and Other Readings for Family, Individual and Small-Group Worship, Second Edition

Edited by Helen Pickett

These are the days that have been given to us;
      let us rejoice and be glad in them.
These are the days of our lives;
      let us live them well in love and service.
These are the days of mystery and wonder;
      let us cherish and celebrate them in gratitude together.
These are the days that have been given to us;
      let us make of them stories worth telling to those who come after us
—William R. Murry

Here are opening words, chalice lightings, prayers, table graces, devotions, meditations and more, culled from traditional and modern sources. Rejoice Together was first published in 1995 to help laypersons plan and conduct simple worship services or special ceremonies in family and small group settings. This new edition adds more than fifty new selections, primarily from contemporary Unitarian Universalist sources . May they enrich your time together as a family or small group coming together in common worship.

A lifelong church musician, Helen Pickett served on the UUA Hymnbook Resources Commission, which produced Singing the Living Tradition. She is the co-editor of the UUA meditation manual For All That Is Our Life along with her husband, Eugene Pickett.

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Last updated on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

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