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Evensong For Families

An Eight-Week Series of Gatherings

Barbara Hamilton-Holway

"Listening is at the heart of all relationships. When we are listened to, we feel safe and supported in sharing our experiences, emotions, beliefs and concerns with others. When we offer others our attentive presence, we nurture love and respect. This series of gatherings is grounded in the understanding that communication strengthens bonds between families and their congregations."
—from the Introduction

This addition to the popular Evensong series offers weekly covenant group sessions for families. Each gathering is ninety minutes long and the orders of service, which can be photocopied for participants, include songs, readings and discussion suggestions.

Eight themed services: Who Is Your Family?; Mealtimes, Bedtimes, Hellos and Goodbyes; Birthdays and Holidays; Things You Love to Do Together; Good Times and Bad; Your Family’s Ten Commandments; Sharing and Privacy and Celebrate Your Family.

Barbara Hamilton-Holway is co-minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Berkeley, California, and author of the Evensong series and Who Will Remember Me? A Daughter’s Memoir of Grief and Recovery, all published by Skinner House Books.

Praise for Evensong for Families:

"Evensong was the gateway into our congregation's small group ministry program. It provided the spiritual depth that members of our congregation were hungering for. I am excited about Evensong for Families. I am ready to offer it to our church!"
—Geoff Rimositis, associate minister for religious education, First Unitarian Church, San Jose, California

"As more and more people want to be living their faith beyond Sunday-during the week, at home and as a family, Evensong for Families answers a tremendous need in our movement. This program provides the perfect setting for our longer-term members to really strengthen their beliefs, and for families new to Unitarian Universalism to deepen their faith together. Another Evensong blessing!"
—Vail Weller, minister, Unitarian Universalists of San Mateo, California

"In this eminently usable volume, Hamilton-Holway ups the ante by bridging sound worship and committed families. The services are spiritually energetic and will strengthen both participants and congregations, contributing toward reknitting the oft-torn fabric of our larger society."
—Tom Owen-Towle, author of Growing a Beloved Community: Twelve Hallmarks of a Healthy Congregation

"As a parish minister leading Evensong classes, I delight in witnessing how Hamilton-Holway guides participants in developing their diverse theologies while deepening their connections to one another, providing a tender and community-building experience of unity within our diversity."
—Sarah Moldenhauer-Salazar, minister, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Laguna Beach, California

"My experience of participating in an Evensong group was exhilarating and full of meaning. The rich worship, the careful listening, and personal sharing created a strong sense of community, not only within the group but also in our congregation."
—Kathleen Owens, Assistant Minister, Neighborhood UU Church, Pasadena, California

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This work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors and congregations. Please consider making a donation today.

Last updated on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

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