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Christian Voices in Unitarian Universalism

Contemporary Essays

Edited by Kathleen Rolenz

Over and over again my Unitarian Universalism has proved not an impediment to my Christian faith but a powerful aid. I am one who sees in the stories of Jesus the memories of a man whose union with the sacred was complete. He invited people into the mystery he called “God.” I see in him the clearest example of the kind of life I wish to live, but I have no problem understanding that other people find clearer examples elsewhere. I find in the person of Jesus a present-day companion on my spiritual journey—challenging me, encouraging me, and supporting me as I pursue a quest into the heart of mystery itself.
—from “An Old Friend” by Erik Walker Wikstrom

Fifteen personal stories from laity and clergy who understand Christianity as part of their relationship with God and Jesus and to contemporary Unitarian Universalism. These women and men arrive at their liberal Christian faith by several different paths. Their spiritual guides include a Bedouin, an AME preacher, a monk, atheist parents, an angry hometown pastor, an Anglican priest and a church ladies’ guild. Some of the crucial experiences along the way are as traditional as reading the Bible, while others are more surprising—performances of Jesus Christ Superstar, the Bernstein mass and listening as a client testifies in court. An intimate look at what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist Christian today.

Kathleen Rolenz has served on the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship (UUCF) Board of Trustees since 2004. She is the editor of Good News, the UUCF newsletter, and parish co-minister at West Shore Unitarian Universalist Church in Cleveland, Ohio.

Praise for Christian Voices in Unitarian Universalism:

"The common idioms of contemporary Unitarian Universalism imply that while Christianity is our heritage, it belongs only to our past. Yet here is a book full of new stories—interesting and remarkably varied stories—by individuals whose spiritual longings have led them to Jesus and the decision to follow him in faith. The paths are different, the circumstances are sometimes surprising, funny, touching, even mundane, but all give testimony to the timeless power of the spirit of Jesus."
—Earl Holt, Minister, King's Chapel, Boston

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Last updated on Tuesday, June 29, 2010.

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