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Meditation by Norbert Capek

It is worthwhile for me to live
And bravely fight for saintly ideals
Although disappointed a thousand times
And perhaps even to fall in this fight
When everything would seem in vain

Blow, angry winds, through my stony body;
You will not conquer my soul.
I have lived in the center of eternity,
My soul will be eternal.
My living was worth it.

Whoever has been set upon from all sides,
But with his soul has conquered,
Is welcome in the chorus of heroes.
Whoever has broken his shackles
And given wings to his mind
Is marching into a golden future.

-Norbert Capek, minister, 1870-1942

From Bless All Who Serve: Sources of Hope, Courage and Faith for Military Personnel and Their Families, edited by Matthew and Gail Tittle.

Free copies of Bless All Who Serve are available to military chaplains, ministers, and enlisted men and women of all faiths. Chaplains and ministers should contact mplassistant @ at the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Servicemen and women should contact ldennis @ at the Church of the Larger Fellowship.

To purchase Bless All Who Serve, visit the UUA Bookstore.


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Last updated on Friday, November 5, 2010.

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