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The One Truth

I pray that for you there may be moments, perhaps
minutes or even hours, of a larger awareness, a
seeing through surfaces to essence.
Everything around you is a manifestation of a
reality that is unity.
It is there in the maple tree, in the polished
beach stone, in the cumulus cloud.
It is there in the tilled soil, the clapboard siding,
the comfortable chair.
It is in the child's laugh, the worker's sweat, you
face in the mirror.
It is in the fear of war, the anger at injustice, the
longing for love, the commitment to reconciliation.
The many truths spring from the one truth, and
the beginning of wisdom is to open ourselves to the
mystery of the one truth. May the moments of
awareness be there in your days, and in mine, too.

—Robert R. Walsh

From All the Gifts of Life: Collected Meditations, Volume Three, edited by Patricia Frevert.

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Last updated on Monday, September 27, 2010.

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