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"Second Person Intimate" Meditation by Kendyl Gibbons

Thou art the song of my heart in the morning;
    Thou art the dawn of truth in my soul.
Thou art the dew of the rose's adorning;
    Thou art the woven whole.

Thine is the grace to be steadfast in danger;
    Thine is the peace that none can destroy.
Thine is the face of the need-riven stranger;
    Thine are the wings of joy.

Thou art the deep to the deep in me calling;
    Thou art a lamp that lights where I tread.
Thy way is steep past the peril of falling;
    Thou art my daily bread.

Thine be the praise of my spirit uplifted;
    Thou art the sea to each flowing stream.
Thine be the days that are gathered and sifted;
    Thou art the deathless dream.

-Kendyl Gibbons

From With or Without Candlelight: A Meditation Anthology, edited by Victoria Safford.

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Last updated on Thursday, July 15, 2010.

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