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ZZZ-RETIRED Homilies & Reflections for Knoxville
  • "Life is full of difficulty..."
    Rev. Dennis McCarty
  • "This senseless act of violence has affected the Unitarian Universalist faith..."
    Rev. Catherine Harrington
  • "Last Sunday morning marked the first time since the Second World War that Unitarian Universalists were martyred..."
    Rev. Richard Weston-Jones
  • "This past year, there were many Sundays when we spoke or sang together these words by Libby Roderick..."
    Rev. Tim Kutzmark
  • "We gather and come together in sadness, in anger, in sorrow, in dismay and disbelief..."
    Rev. Lyn Oglesby, PhD
  • "We didn’t learn yesterday that tragedy is a part of this world..."
    Rev. James C. (Jay) Leach
  • "I do not want us to leave tonight without acknowledging our fear..."
    Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray
  • "Some of life’s events do not lend themselves to the easy interpretation of cause and effect..."
    Rev. Dr. Brent A. Smith
  • "Some acts resist comprehension..."
    Rev. Gary Kowalski
  • "In the midst of our grief, it is also right that we reaffirm who we are as Unitarian Universalists..."
    Rev. Jodi Cohen Hayashida
  • "Several of you emailed me this week, saying, I feel like we need to do something..."
    Rev. Linda Hoddy
  • "I know Knoxville..."
    Rev. Jeanne Lloyd
  • "In this community celebrated for its liberal spirit..."
    Rev. Pallas Stanford
  • "The sign welcomed everyone..."
    Rev. Wendy von Zirpolo