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ZZZ-RETIRED Prayers for Knoxville
  • "Spirit of Life, God of our broken hearts..."
    Rev. Stephen M. Shick
  • "Spirit / In these times of limitless grief..."
    Barbara Ford
  • "Spirit of Life and love, great mystery, God of many names we pray..."
    Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst
  • "Spirit of Life, Great Mystery from whom we come and to whom we shall return..."
    Rev. Russ Savage
  • "Spirit of Life, / Gracious and loving God..."
    Rev. Heather Janules
  • "Let us pray, Spirit of Life and Love, in whom we live and move and have our very being..."
    Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray
  • "O God, in whose eternal love do rest the spirits of all thy children..."
    Rev. Dr. Brent A. Smith
  • "Dear God, we’re weary..."
    Rev. Gary Kowalski and Rev. Elaine Bomford