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ZZZ-RETIRED Chalice & Candle Lighting Words for Knoxville
  • "On this anniversary Sunday, we invite you to light a chalice..."
    Rev. Chris Buice and Rev. Mitra Jafarzadeh
  • "We light this chalice, symbol of our free faith, for the healing and wholeness of the human spirit..."
    Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst
  • "Our children are our lives..."
    UU Congregation of Columbus, IN
  • "We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied to a single garment of destiny..."
    Rev. Dr. Neal R. Jones
  • "Four pillar candles of loss are lit, each to the chiming of a singing bowl..."
    Rev. Wendy von Zirpolo
  • "We come tonight with much pain and sadness..."
    Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray
  • "Last Sunday, a congregation of people just like us, lit a chalice flame just as we are about to do..."
    Rev. Dr. Randolph W.B. Becker