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ZZZ-RETIRED Staff and Volunteers

UUA-UUSC Volunteer Program Staff

If you are seeking information about volunteering in New Orleans or Mississippi in the UUA-UUSC Gulf Coast Volunteer Program, please contact Peggy Powell, volunteer program associate at UUSC in Cambridge, MA, at (617) 301-4322 or uukatrina [at] uusc [dot] org.

New Orleans staff based at the volunteer center in First Unitarian Universalist Church New Orleans:

  • Gulf Coast Response Coordinator: Quo Vadis Breaux
  • Volunteer program assistants: Candice Rivera and Vanessa Gorsuch

Mississippi staff based in Gulfport, Mississippi

  • Jinnie Trabulsi, Mississippi Community Minister and volunteer coordinator (until July 2007)
  • Jaimie Kroot, volunteer program assistant

Funding Advisory Boards

Three advisory boards supported the charge of the Funding Panel. See the Gulf Coast Relief Fund Organizational Chart (PDF) for structure.

Thank you to all who served.

The primary responsibilities of the advisory boards were to evaluate and recommend specific proposals for funds to the Funding Panel in accord with the purpose of the Fund.

Gulf Coast Relief Fund Advisory Boards:

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