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ZZZ-RETIRED September 4, 2005


Again Greetings from Jackson, MS,

I spent the afternoon at the Jackson Coliseum speaking with those I have become familiar with... they look for me, and to others that I've not visited with as yet. In particular since the power was on now at the church I wanted to offer the house UUCJ uses for its religious education for some to move into to get them out of the chaos of the shelter. First I spoke with Angela. Angela has three young girls, and answered that the offer would be a blessing, but she must wait on her mother to check with her. The mother has already begun working at Walmart in Jackson as she used to be their employee in New Orleans. Then I spoke with Wendy, the truck driver I have written of, who has become a friend of Angela's. She is not sure; it sounds wonderful, but she is still thinking about leaving and trying to get home, now she's heard they are allowing residents into Jefferson Parish to check on their homes and gather some things. Her friend Jim might want to come. Yes, he thinks that would be a good idea, he's not ready today though, maybe tomorrow. I asked Wade, a New Orleans taxi driver and the father of two girls, “Yes, wonderful, but not today, maybe Sunday.” He was playing chess with Brian, whom I have spoken with often, and Brian thought it would be great... he, his wife and son would come Sunday also he thought, but he'd have to talk with his wife who was feeding their pets. Great! Finally the UUCJ and I were going to be a part of the solution!

There were guardsmen hanging sheets on the folded bleachers behind an arch covered with silk flowers at the other end of the Coliseum. Wendy said they was going to be a wedding. A couple from New Orleans was getting married August the 28th, but instead evacuated with both families to Jackson and the Coliseum. Local people had heard about their wedding plans and decided to help them. Everything was donated, the gowns for the bride and her three bridesmaids and a flower girl, and tuxedos for the groom and his attendants including the young ring bearer, wedding cakes, and a stay in a hotel for the honeymoon, all were donated! There was a wedding photographer donating his time, and a wonderful saxophonist with a sound system and some recorded music. Windy, I and Angela's two girls went to watch. Angela has begun taking antibiotics; she's not feeling good and wants to lay down. People we sitting above in the bleachers and gathered around the area to watch ...yes, it was a bit of a side show, but it did me and many others good to share the couple's joy. As the vows were being said, the sound of the humanity behind the well-wishers- babies crying and children shrieking as they played, echoed in the Coliseum. Tears flowed and smiles were shared, yes, love has survived once again.

Yours in faith,