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ZZZ-RETIRED Gulf Coast Advocacy

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GulfCoast-Advocacy is a moderated list of the UUA Advocacy & Witness Programs to share advocacy efforts, news, and ideas for a just recovery in the Gulf Coast area devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and by the lack of a coordinated and comprehensive relief and rebuilding effort. Action alerts on national legislation and organizing campaigns will be shared, along with stories of congregational efforts. Issues of economic, environmental, and racial justice will be addressed.

Additional Advocacy Resources

Katrina Information Network
A Clearinghouse for organizations working for a just recover in the Gulf.

Interfaith Worker Justice
Gulf Coast Commission on Reconstruction Equity calls for Fair Contracting, Enforcement of Worker Health and Safety Protections, Career Ladders and First Source Jobs and Contracting.

Community Investing
There are many socially responsible funds bringing badly needed capital in the gulf region by investing in community credit unions, loan funds, and small businesses.

Justice After Katrina
Coordinated campaigns six months and one year after the hurricane are being led by the Gamaliel Foundation and other faith-based and community organizations.