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Regional Collaboration
Regional Collaboration
UUA Districts & Regions

The four districts of the Pacific Western Region (PWR) are creating a collaborative approach to the UUA’s “regionalization” restructuring. The districts share program and administrative staff expertise to realize benefits across the region. The Russell Lockwood Leadership School serves all four districts now, youth are invited to participate in conferences, events and summer camps across the region, our Emergency Relief Fund is joint and serves the full region. We are working toward aligned accounting procedures allowing excellent financial management of each district’s resources by a dedicated staff person. The districts also share an excellent online event registration system able to streamline registration for workshops, assemblies and camps. With the engaged leadership of our four boards Regional Collaboration is thriving in the Pacific Western Region. This covenant has guided our regional collaboration in PWR.

Pacific Western Regional Covenant

The District Board Members of the Pacific Western Region of the UUA, the Congregational Life staff of this Region, the Regional Lead, and the Director of Congregational Life at the UUA enter into this covenant promising to one another our mutual trust and support.

Together we:

Covenant to support and appreciate each other’s work and commitment to our Unitarian Universalist faith, acknowledging that transitions are difficult.

Covenant to work together as leaders of our faith acknowledging our shared sources of authority and accountability:

  • Our member congregations
  • Current and future generations of Unitarian Universalists
  • The heritage, history, and ideals of Unitarian Universalism
  • The vision of beloved community
  • The spirit of love, life, and the holy

Covenant to be in right relationship with each other and walk together in love when issues arise, recognizing conflict and tension can often be signs of creativity and growth.

Covenant to be in regular communication with each other to avoid confusion and conflicts if possible, and resolve them quickly when they occur.

Covenant to cooperate in creating all necessary new systems to facilitate our collaboration.


Report and Recommendation to the PWR District Board on a Cost Sharing Plan

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