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Cynthia Osorio Florez

Ministerial Credentialing and Compensation Administrator

Ministries and Faith Development


Telephone: (617) 948-6454

Cynthia (she/her) joined the Unitarian Universalist Association in early September 2020. She will be assisting applicants and aspirants on their path to ministerial fellowship through her work with the Ministerial Credentialing Office as well as assisting religious professionals and other congregational staff with requests for financial aid through her work with the Office of Church Staff Finance.

She is a career administrative professional, spending the first part of her career in the private sector and the second part in the NGO and Public sectors. She joyfully looks forward to bringing her love, as well as her life and career experience to the UUA family and living a more meaningful, fulfilling and service-filled work-life in the third act of her career.

Cynthia lives in Providence, Rhode Island with her husband Manolo and their grey ball of love named Gandalf [their indoor cat] and a very loving albeit elusive outdoor calico named Fluffy. Thanks to 21st Century technology, they are able to do frequent Zoom calls to Colombia, and so they feel as though they share daily life with Manolo’s two daughters, Vanessa and Paula (whom Cynthia refers to as her daughters-in-love), along with Vanessa and Paula’s husbands, Alex and Camilo.

Cynthia loves to cook and feels her calling is to feed people. She is a lifelong eclectic learner. She enjoys the theatre (praying that Broadway can thrive again) and has a dilettantish interest in physics—loving its expansive borders with philosophy and the divine but disliking its math. Her spiritual path has been a ♫♪♪ Long and Winding Road ♫♪♪ leading to your door ♫♪♪.

Cynthia Osorio Florez