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The Committee on Ministry Model

Following is a brief outline of the Committee On Ministry (COM) model that was invented in the early nineteen eighties and was honed as a working model over an almost ten year period in a mid-sized congregation. This refinement brought it into being as an effective agent for keeping mission and ministry at the cutting edge of congregational life. At the beginning of this refinement the old Ministerial Relations Committee was deleted from congregational life as an unnecessary and often counterproductive agent of effective ministry. (For more about how this model is implemented in congregations, see the Committee on Ministry section under Governance.)

Download this outline of the Committee on Ministry Model (PDF, 22 pages).

By Rev. Robert T. Latham
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Last updated on Tuesday, September 10, 2013.

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A more detailed expression of this COM model is found as an addendum in Rev. Latham’s book: Moving On From Church Folly Lane.
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