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Sample Office Procedures

Working with the Church Office Staff: Guidelines for Committee Chairs

Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington, Indiana

    1. Deadline is 10:00 a.m. on the date of publication. The Prologue is published on alternate Mondays with exceptions. It is typed, compiled, edited, pasted up, and printed in the space of about 5 hours. Articles are cheerfully accepted prior to deadlines. Articles in electronic form, via email or on disk, are especially welcome.
    2. Submit articles in writing. Fax is okay too: (NUMBER) by 10 a.m. on date of publication.
    3. No articles by phone please.
    4. Flyers, surveys, prospectuses (enclosures in the newsletter)
      1. Do your own typing and paste up or bring it on disk to the office by deadline
      2. If possible, provide a volunteer from your committee to help fold and process the newsletter the week you have an insert
      3. Be sure your committee's budget can accommodate printing costs of the insert.
      4. The Prologue can accommodate at most one 8 1/2 x 14 sheet extra per issue. Call the church administrator two weeks in advance to reserve space for your insert.
    1. Limit photocopying to items that are absolutely necessary. Use a distribution list on one copy of a document to save on paper and toner. Budget over-runs can be traced to heavy copier use.
    2. The church's photocopier is available for committee copying Monday through Friday during church office hours and after church on Sunday. Budget lines are charged 3 cents per impression.
    3. For more than 30 copies, please use Collegiate Copies (preferred) or Kinko's (they mess up our account a lot, but are open 24 hours), where the church has charge accounts. YOU MUST RETURN THE CHARGE SLIP TO THE OFFICE SO YOUR BUDGET LINE CAN BE CHARGED ACCURATELY!
    1. Please try to handle all your own typing and mailing.
      Church office can provide the following:
      1. Postage
      2. Paper
      3. Computer
      4. Envelopes, Labels
      5. Copier
      6. Advice
      7. Encouragement
    2. Reminder Postcards can be mailed by the church office if you give the list of people to mail to and the information for the card to the Church Administrator TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE MEETING DATE. We can also provide materials for you to make your own postcards.
    To consult with the Church Administrator for longer than a few minutes, please call and make an appointment. The Church Administrator can adjust work to accommodate you if enough notice is given.
    1. Reserve meeting space at the church in advance. If you have borrowed a key from the church, that does not mean that you may schedule your own meetings.
    2. Secure all 21 exterior doors after each meeting. Flashlight is provided. Sign out on the Building Security Clipboard.
    3. Cleanup your own coffee cups, refreshments, etc. Cleanup supplies are found in the Janitor Room (#101) and in the kitchens.
    4. Saturday night use of the meeting room or fellowship hall requires special arrangements for Sunday set up.
    5. Free phones are located in the downstairs kitchen and near the restrooms in the hall outside Room 10 1. These phones do not allow long distance calling without a phone card.
    Mailboxes are provided in the Volunteer/Staff Workroom (Room 204) for most committee chairs. Please empty these boxes weekly. They are for communication and not for storage. This mode of communication saves the church money in postage and staff telephoning or emailing time.
  7. KEYS
    Keys may be loaned to committee chairs on a temporary basis for access to the building to hold meetings or work on projects. A refundable key deposit of $5.00 is required. All users of the building are asked to secure the building after use. Copying or loaning the church key you have borrowed is prohibited.
    Please make check requests for payments from your budget line by completing a voucher form, available from the Church Administrator. FIVE BUSINESS DAYS' NOTICE is required for generating church checks. Original receipts only arc acceptable for reimbursement
    Requests for childcare for a meeting or event must be made TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE EVENT, to allow time for childcare providers to be scheduled. "Me church has a childcare budget for all church events that will cover the cost of this service. Church events must use the carefully screened childcare staff that has already been hired by the church.
    1. Annual Report to the Congregation is published on April 15 each year, to be presented to the congregation at the Annual Meeting on the first Sunday of May. A short 150-200 word summary of your committee's activities during the previous 12 months can be included if you submit camera ready copy or electronic form of this document by April 15.
    2. Budgeting is done during January of each year, and due to the Treasurer's mailbox by January 3 1. Copies of previous year's budget requests should be filed in your Committee Chair Resource Notebook, but may also be available in the church office or from the Treasurer.
    3. If you have not spent all the committee's budgeted funds by the end of the fiscal year on June 30, the balance will help to offset any deficit in the church budget for the year. July I starts the new fiscal year and a full budget line, as approved by the congregation.

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Last updated on Friday, May 6, 2011.

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