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Tapestry of Faith

Love Will Guide Us

Signs of Our Faith


  • By Barnaby Feder
    Dearly beloved, the story is told that a man named Jesus dined nearly two thousand years ago among his disciples on the eve of his arrest...
  • By Nick Wilbourn
    We gather here today to share and give thanks, To tell stories and break bread and be together in holy communion. We light our chalice this...
  • By Debra Smith
    We are hungry We are eating our daily bread and bowing our heads and yet we are hungry We are thanking the farmer and the farm worker and...
  • By Dawn Skjei Cooley
    Introduction The Cornbread and Cider Communion is a tradition in some of our congregations. With gratitude for our freedom and for our...
  • By Kenneth Claus
    A Christian Communion blessing of the bread, cup, and community.
  • By Kenneth Claus
    O God, we give thanks this day and every day for all you have made known to us through the life of Jesus. Glory to you throughout the ages...
  • By Stephen M Shick
    Early spring awakens memories of a deeper cold and hopes of a warmer wetness, sprouting seeds and budding branches. Gray trees on gray sky...
  • By Kenneth Claus
    Summary: A blessing of the bread and wine for Christian Communion that points to the wonders of creation and to history's insightful messengers of divine love, and highlights the power of insight in spiritual experience.