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General Assembly 2011 Media Coverage
July 13, 2011 

Unitarian Universalists Support LGBT Equality, Ethical Eating, and Interfaith Alliances at Annual Meeting
June 28, 2011  | from the UUA

UUA President Rev. Peter Morales Applauds New York Marriage Equality Vote
June 25, 2011  | from the UUA

UUA's 2011 General Assembly Meets June 22-26 in Charlotte
June 21, 2011  | from the UUA

UUA, UUSC's Joint Trip Brings 10 Seminary Students to Haiti
May 20, 2011  | from the UUA

Dr. Karen Armstrong to Deliver 2011 Ware Lecture
May 12, 2011  | from the UUA

Cynthia Grant Tucker Receives 2010 Frederic G. Melcher Book Award
May 11, 2011  | from the UUA

UUA President Issues Statement in Response to Storms in the Southeast
April 28, 2011  | from the UUA President

UUA and Standing on the Side of Love to March in Washington, D.C., in Support of One Nation Working Together
September 30, 2010  | from the UUA

UUA President Issues Statement in Support of Religious Freedom
September 8, 2010  | from the UUA

UUA President Applauds California Prop 8 Ruling
August 4, 2010 | by Rev. Peter Morales | from the UUA President

Unitarian Universalists Support Immigrants, Transgender People: Human Rights Issues Dominate Annual Meeting
June 28, 2010  | from the UUA

Unitarian Universalists Volunteer at Hope Community
June 22, 2010  | from the UUA

Rev. Jane Rzepka Receives Prestigious Award from Unitarian Universalist Association
June 21, 2010  | from the UUA

UUA’s 2010 General Assembly Meets June 23-27 in Minneapolis
June 16, 2010  | from the UUA

UUA Moves Retirement Plan to TIAA-CREF: Religious Group Praises Firm’s Commitment to Socially-Responsible Investing
May 21, 2010  | from the UUA

UUA President Condemns Anti-Latino Arizona Law
April 23, 2010  | from the UUA

Unitarian Universalists Take 40-Day Pledge for Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary
April 18, 2010 

Interfaith Group of Teens Calls for Comprehensive Sexuality Education Funding
March 4, 2010  | from the UUA

Unitarian Universalist Seminarians to be Trained in Sexuality Issues and Ethics
February 9, 2010  | from the UUA

UUA President Applauds DC Marriage Equality Law
December 18, 2009  | from the UUA

Unitarian Universalist Association Strongly Opposes Stupak Amendment
December 2, 2009  | from the UUA

UUA President Issues Statement in Response to Passage of Question 1 in Maine
November 4, 2009  | from the UUA

UUA Director of Advocacy and Witness Issues Statement on Signing of Hate Crimes Bill
October 28, 2009  | from the UUA

Over 90 Unitarian Universalist Congregations Nationwide Participating in International Day of Climate Action
October 22, 2009  | from the UUA

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