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UUA President William G. Sinkford Celebrates Maine Marriage Law

The following statement was issued by William G. Sinkford, President of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA).

I rejoice at the good news from Maine and applaud the state’s legislature and governor for granting marriage rights to same-sex couples.

Maine Unitarian Universalists have shown great dedication and courage in the long struggle for marriage equality, and I congratulate them on this important victory.

State by state, love and fairness are prevailing over fear and ignorance. America is stronger when all of our families can be legally recognized and protected. Thanks to the Maine legislature and governor, and to countless hard-working people of conscience, our nation’s promise of full equality for all citizens has moved one step closer to fulfillment.

Unitarian Universalists will continue standing on the side of love until all fifty states honor the rights of all committed couples.

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