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Moving from Crisis to Awakening
June 12, 2009 | by Rev. Forrest Church | BusinessWeek

Protesters Speak Out Against Torture
June 12, 2009 | by Megan Boatwright | KIFI

UUA President Responds to Shooting at Holocaust Memorial Museum
June 11, 2009 | by Reverend William G. Sinkford | UUA

As Hurricane Season Begins, Pressure Builds on Congress to Pass Gulf Coast Civic Works Act
June 8, 2009  | San Francisco Bay View

Tennessee Church Finds Growth, Healing After Shooting a Year Ago
June 7, 2009 | by Suzanne Perez Tobias | The Wichita Eagle

2 Major Religious Conventions Coming to Salt Lake
June 5, 2009 | by Carrie Moore | Deseret News

Slain Abortion Doctor Praised at Vigil
June 5, 2009 | by Emily Udell | Courier-Journal

And the Bronze Goes to ...
June 5, 2009 | by Lawrence Downes | New York Times

Unitarian Universalists Protest Proposition 8
June 3, 2009  | UUA

Unitarian Universalist Association President Applauds New Hampshire Marriage Law
June 3, 2009 | by Reverend William G. Sinkford | UUA

Clergy Rally in Support of Same-Sex Marriage
June 3, 2009 | by Hamil Harris | Washington Post

Federal Trial Begins for Unitarian Universalist Humanitarian Aid Worker
June 2, 2009  | UUA

Churches Embrace 'Greening of Religion'
June 2, 2009 | by Dawn Schuett | Post-Bulletin

UUA President Condemns the Murder of Dr. George Tiller
June 1, 2009 | by Reverend William G. Sinkford | UUA

Gay Activists, Black Ministers Seek Common Ground
May 31, 2009  | WBUR

Get Involved in Health-Care Reform
May 30, 2009 | by Rose Lew | The Coloradoan

Gay-Pride Flag Stolen from Church Again
May 28, 2009  | WCVB-TV

Unitarian Universalists Bring Religious Perspective to Food Gardening Trend
May 27, 2009  | UUA

Beacon Press Announces "The King Legacy"
May 27, 2009  | UUA

Marriage License Signature Means Discrimination for Ministers
May 27, 2009 | by Bonyen Lee | R News

Justice Will Eventually Bend Toward Gay Rights
May 27, 2009 | by Rev. Jan Christian | Ventura County Star

Same-Sex Marriage Advocates Asking for Senate Support
May 27, 2009 | by Haley Hinds |

Modesto Area Religious Leaders Respond to Proposition 8 Ruling
May 27, 2009  | The Modesto Bee

UUA President Decries California Prop 8 Court Ruling
May 26, 2009 | by Reverend William G. Sinkford | UUA

Unitarian Universalist State Advocacy Networks Support EPA Findings
May 26, 2009 | by Dave Hackett and Bob Geiger, UULM-MD | UUA


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