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  • Eunice Benton, Mid-South District Executive
    embenton [at] aol [dot] com

Team Members

  • Our Home Universalist Unitarian Church, Ellisville, MS
    Robin Clark
    Carol Beerstecher

  • Gulf Coast UU Fellowship, Gulfport, MS
    Keitha Whitaker
    Mike Kayes

  • Hattiesburg UU Fellowship, Hattiesburg, MS
    Cindy Brown
    Nell Cobb

  • UU Church of Jackson, Jackson, MS
    Trina Cameron
    Waverly Liles
    Ray Shenefelt

  • UU Congregation of Oxford, Oxford, MS
    Luanne Buchanan
    Gail Stratton

  • UU Fellowship of Tupelo, Tupelo, MS
    Hank Jaeckel
    Gwen Wages

Of Consultation

  • Rev. Jacqueline Luck, UU Church of Jackson & Our Home UU Church, Ellisville, MS
  • Rev. Doak Mansfield, Consulting Minister for Gulf Coast UU and Tupelo UU Fellowships, Laurel, MS
  • Sharon Martinez, District Administrator, Mid-South District
  • Jinni Trabulsi, Community Minister and Volunteer Coordinator, Mississippi Gulf Coast

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