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News from the Gulf Coast

WBZ Radio 1030, January 2007: Special Report: Battling Back in the Bayou, photos and reporting by Anthony Silva

In Ravaged Mississippi, UUA-UUSC Aid Supports Community Restoration Efforts and UU Fellowships

Rising like the Phoenix: UUA-UUSC Gulf Coast Relief Funds Support New Orleanians Working to Restore the City of Jazz

Restoring Unitarian Universalism in the Jazz City: UU ministers and their congregations plan for the future of our faith

Southwestern UU Conference, April 2006: UUA-UUSC Gulf Coast Relief Update (PDF), by Joe Sullivan

Southwestern UU Conference, Spring 2006: Unitarian Universalism in New Orleans (PDF), by Ann Duffy and Deanna Vandiver

Southwestern UU Conference, Spring 2006: Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge Hurricane Relief and Social Justice Project (PDF), by Rev. Marilee Baccich and Cheré Coen.

UU World, April 2006: More funds disbursed to Gulf Coast area, by Donald E. Skinner

Winchester Star, MA, April 13, 2006: The long road leads home - for now, by Kristen Cronon

Winchester Star, MA, April 6, 2006: Unitarian youth group antes up and pitches in, by Kristen Cronon

Winchester Star, MA, March 30, 2006: Local youth group heads into the fray, by Kristen Cronon

UU World, March 2006: Picking up the Gulf Coast pieces, by Donald E. Skinner

UU World, February 2006: Work camps help rebuild Gulf Coast area, by Donald E. Skinner

Pembrooke Mariner, MA, January 11, 2006: Southern comfort: Louisiana trio to perform benefit concert, by Matt Dunning

Wellesley Townsman, MA, December 8, 2005: Local church paying mortgage for Katrina-hit sister church, by Rachel Lebeau

Winchester Star, MA, December 8, 2005: Unitarian crew returns from storm-battered South

The Standard-Journal, PA, December 6, 2005: Area church joins relief effort

Hattiesburg American, MS, November 24, 2005: A time to give, a time to thank, by Erin Hilsabeck

The Boston Globe, MA, November 20, 2005: A communion: After Katrina, churches connect, by Lauren K. Meade

UU World, October 2005: New Orleans congregations begin healing process, by Donald E. Skinner

UU World, September 2005: Volunteers help fix storm-damaged North Shore Church, by Donald E. Skinner

UU World, September 2005: New Orleans church reunited by conference call, by Donald E. Skinner

Cohasset Mariner, MA, September 30, 2005: Stories from flood-ravaged Louisiana, by Rev. Jan Carlsson-Bull

St. Petersburg Times, FL, September 3, 2005: Storm evokes words, acts of faith, by Eileen Schulte, NY, September 2, 2005: Need and Greed in Katrina's Wake, by Forrest Church

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