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UUA-UUSC Gulf Coast Relief Fund Grantees and Grants

Remaining Congregational Funds at time fund is declared closed will be allocated 90% to the UUA's Southwest District for benefit of the Greater UU New Orleans cluster congregations—First UU Church of New Orleans, Community Church UU of New Orleans, North Shore UUs of LaCombe, Louisiana—and 10% to the Mid-South district for the benefit of the UU Church of Gulfport, Mississippi. Motion Passed May 9, 2007, by the Gulf Coast Relief Funding Panel.

Remaining Community Funds shall be used in accordance with the desires of the Community Working Group and at the discretion of the UUSC program staff. Motion Passed June 11, 2007, by the Gulf Coast Relief Funding Panel.

Most recent grants listed first.

65. East Biloxi Coordination, Relief, and Redevelopment Agency
to hire a Construction Manager. $20,000 from Community Fund and $5,000 from UUSC funds.

64. Mississippi ACLU
$45,150 to provide organizational s trengthening for the three to five grassroots groups (current community partners) on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that are working on rights issues post-Katrina. Nsombe Lambright, employee of the MS ACLU, will act as a representative of the UUA-UUSC Community working group to work with a consultant to do strategic planning on the ground with partners.

63. Advancement Project
$30,000—$20,000 from Community Funds and $10,000 from UUSC directly—to re-open public housing in New Orleans by c ontinuing to litigate the Anderson case; ensure that residents play an active role in the decision making process relating to future of public housing.

62. New Orleans Network
$20,000 for Parent Resource Guide and Strategic Alliance Development . This project will establish and support a framework for collaboration and coalition building. NON is working Moving Forward Gulf Coast (MFGC). (see below)

61. Moving Forward Gulf Coast (new partner in Slidell thanks to the North Shore congregation)
$20,000 to create tools and spaces that allow community organizations along the Gulf Coast to come together and advocated for real change. As part of its overall mission to provide community advocacy and training, MFGC is creating a series of media learning tools—the Recover and Restore Series—that documents issues identified by residents and community groups relays solutions to those residents who need it most.

60. Welfare Rights Organization
$35,000. WRO seeks support to begin linking locally disrupted and internally displaced persons who are survivors of Katrina and Rita with needed services and resources to help them return home and/or improve their situations. At the same time, this project will be an opportunity to re-strengthen WRO's membership and increase members' involvement in monitoring policy and advocating policy changes around issues that directly affect members' lives (especially related to welfare policy).

59. Grant Project: U.S. Social Forum
$15,000 to provide transportation and registration for community partners to addend the U.S. Social Forum. T he USSF is a space for organizers, citizens, and people affected by Katrina to share experiences and strategize with others from around the country who are also organizing around same issues. The USSF offers an opportunity to meet and foster dialogue with communities affected by racism; immigration laws; global warming; the war; militarism; the prison-industrial complex; workers rights and environmental racism. The USSF offers an opportunity to coalesce and push forward campaigns as part of a broader movement for social justice. A key outcome of partners' participation in the UUSF will be practical proposals for activism. The USSF will include many activists and organizations that have been working along the Gulf Coast both pre- and post-Hurricanes, and will be a key forum for highlighting the work and moving the work forward.

58. Rethink—Kids Rethinking New Orleans' Schools
$25,000 to defray the costs of Rethink's Summer Program. Rethink's long-term goal is t o develop leadership/citizenship among low income, New Orleans youth of color, and to ensure that participants feel the effects of empowerment throughout and well beyond the Katrina reconstruction years.

57. The UUA-UUSC Gulf Coast Volunteer Program
$46,903 in start up funds for the Gulf Cost Volunteer program while the UUA and the UUSC jointly fundraise for the remainder for the next 3-4 months.

56. Northshore Disaster Recovery, Inc (NDRI)
$15,000 to an important partner of both the Northshore UU Congregation and UU volunteers. NDRI is an ecumenical project working on getting folks back into their homes. Funds will be used to purchase drywall, insulation, electrical supplies, roofing, flooring, cabinetry and other materials necessary for the rebuilding process.

55. Gulfport UU Fellowship
$12,000 of remaining congregational funds in the UUA/UUSC Gulf Coast Relief Fund to be used primarily (90%) for a shared UU minister with any remaining funds going to support facilities and leadership development

54. Greater New Orleans Congregations
Remainders of Congregational Fund. At the close of the fund, remainders allocated to congregations will be sent to the SW UUA District to use for congregational support as decided upon by the Greater NO UU Cluster, under the financial management of the SW District.

53. Rights in Humanitarian Crises Unit, Programs Department UUSC, for the UUA-UUSC Gulf Coast volunteer program
$28,097 to the joint UUA-UUSC Gulf Coast Volunteer program. The Mission of the Gulf Coast Volunteer program is to live our faith by standing in solidarity with the people of the Gulf Cost for a just and equitable recovery through active engagement by UU congregations in partnership with others.

52. PICO All Congregations Together (ACT) of New Orleans
$55,000 to ACT to for a new organizer to focus on post-Katrina housing work, build organizational capacity to work on low-income housing issues, expand the homebuilders Coop, represent ACT at housing meetings, and focus the hurricane response work in the Treme and Lower 9th Wards.

51. Coastal Women for Change
$35,000 for a Stop Gap Child Care Program for Lower-Income Mississippi Coast Families.  This is a short term solution to provide training and resources for women taking children into their homes. 

50. Mississippi Low Income Child Care Initiative
$30,000 for Increasing Quality Child Care for Low-Income Families in Mississippi and providing funds for advocacy campaigns for child care legislation and funding policy in Mississippi.

49. Jeremiah Group
$60,000 to expand organizer training and salary for a senior organizer to work with Jeremiah Group in New Orleans .

48. Grant to extend the salary of Joe Sullivan as Project Manager through March 2007.

47. Mid-South District
$7,560 for a two-year visibility and public radio campaign for Unitarian Universalism in Mississippi.

46. C3/Hands off Iberville
$15,000 for a New Orleans Public Housing Right of Return and Democracy Campaign.

45. People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond
$100,000 for Anti-Racism training for organizations working with evacuees. This grant will fund six workshops with residents and organizers to develop an anti-racist model for community organizers working with Gulf Coast residents.  It will provide staff and logistical support.  Success of the project would mean that prime organizations working with evacuees and residents would begin to work differently with regard to anti-racism training and learning tools would be produced for use by other organizations. 

44. Zion Travelers Cooperative Center Support
$30,000 for Advocacy and Rebuilding in Phoenix, LA. Specifically to support the salary for six months of a Construction Site Manager as one piece of a larger proposal allowing Zion Travelers to build 100 houses for $30,000-$40,000 each.

43. The Amos Network is a Mississippi Statewide Association. The organization began in Jackson, MS, in 1994. It is made up of chapters in Oxford, MS, Jackson and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Its purpose is to build citizen power in poor, working- and middle-class neighborhoods in urban and rural areas of the state to address issues facing these communities and to enhance citizen education in democratic skills. The primary focus of the Amos Network on the Gulf Coast is to organize disenfranchised communities in Harrison, Jackson and Hancock counties, reaching approximately 25,000 people. However, if successful, the entire costal population will be impacted by the Amos Networks' post-Katrina organizing.
$35,500 to support salaries, organization costs, and funds for actions. The Amos network will be focusing on advocacy with the NAACP.

42. NAACP. The mission of the NAACP is to ensure the political, educational, social and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination. The vision of the NAACP is to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights and there is no racial hatred or racial discrimination.
$60,000 in funds for Policy Research, Monitoring, and Communications with a focus on Advocacy.  The NAACP will be cooperating in this grant with Grantee #43 The Amos Network.

41. Bayou Interfaith Shared Community Organizing (BISCO) is a non-profit, faith based organization. BISCO's church-based membership works with ministers in Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes. BISCO's mission is to build an interfaith, multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-issue organization that serves as the voice for low- and moderate-income people of South Louisiana. BISCO organizes congregation members, especially the poor and/or isolated, to strategically address the needs of their communities. In the wake of the hurricanes, BISCO works with evacuees from within out outside Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes to find solutions issues evacuees are facing because of these hurricanes.
$48,000 for organizer and assistant salaries, and organizing costs and for anti-racism retreat costs.

40. First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans
$114,610 for staff salaries through fiscal year 2007.

39. Community Church Unitarian Universalist of New Orleans
$67,959 for staff salaries through fiscal year 2007.

38. North Shore Unitarian Universalist Society
$94,833 for staff salaries through fiscal year 2007.

37. The Porch (through Neighborhood Housing Services New Orleans)
$25,000 for projects seeking to create a vibrant, organized, and visible presence in the neighborhood of the returnees and support the return of families by providing a hub of activities including affordable housing opportunities, creative arts training for youth in the community through cultural arts workshops, and community gardens. The Porch is a cultural organization committed to the Seventh Ward Area of New Orleans. The Porch seeks to promote and sustain the cultures of the neighborhood, city, and region and to foster exchange between cultural groups. The Porch is a place where all can come to do and share their culture, and to take care of each other and each others' communities.

36. Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans (NHS) was founded to help move low and moderate income residents from rentals to homeownership. Post-Katrina NHS's focus has expanded to include development of a network of interconnected community centers offering a variety of social services including housing and homeownership counseling.
$45,000 for new staff for outreach and neighborhood connections.

35. STEPS Coalition
$29,828 in support for this new organization and a new partner, an advocacy and support organization for a multiplicity of efforts to restore and rebuild along the Mississippi Gulf Coast that hopes, especially, to facilitate dialogue and provide technical assistance to various groups. Oxfam America and 21st Century Foundation are also supporting and underwriting this coalition of organizations and people on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

34. Coastal Women for Change
$30,652 in support for this newly forming organization in response to the situation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and it is a member of the STEPS Coalition. Based in Biloxi, its mission is to address issues and needs for low-income women, especially women of color, with child care a major focus.

33. The Tamb-o-rine and Fan Club of Treme, New Orleans
$46,200 to aid the restoration of New Orleans by bringing displaced youth back to their city for 3-day camp sessions and providing opportunities for youth's voices to be heard in the reconstruction process, while renewing youth's collective sense of value in maintaining the rich culture of New Orleans.

32. Zion Travelers Cooperative Center
$11,000 to Operate a 6 week Summer Culture Camp for 35-40 children ages 5 to 16 years old from Phoenix, LA and the trailer communities south of Phoenix. The camp will provide creative and safe summer care for the youth and children from hurricane affected families in Phoenix, LA and surrounding communities, which will enable  them to process the impact of the hurricane, while their parents work on rebuilding their  community. Through the world religions curriculum in summer culture camp, the community will encourage families and children from the community to learn, appreciate, and embrace people of different ethnic groups, their cultures and religions.

31. Interfaith Worker Justice
$50,000 to Improve worker justice in the Gulf Coast recovery by developing the public policy work on labor law enforcement and contracting abuses. Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ) calls upon our religious values in order to educate, organize, and mobilize the religious community in the U.S. on issues and campaigns that will improve wages, benefits, and working conditions for workers, especially low-wage workers. The mission of IWJ's Rebuilding the Gulf Coast with Equity is to pursue public policies leading to worker justice in New Orleans.

30. Mississippi Immigrant Rights Association (MIRA)
$15,000 remainder of the original $40,000 requested by MIRA in Nov. 2005. At that time the Gulf Coast Relief Fund funded $25,000 with the possibility of funding the additional $15,000 later. MIRA submitted a comprehensive progress report dated June 19, 2006 with their request for the additional funds.

29. Louisiana Workers Center (LWC)
$124,620 to fund 50% of the first year budget for staffing and development of LWC. The goal of LWC as stated in their grant proposal is to create and launch an independent but collaborative community-based organization advocating for and organizing workers in post-Katrina New Orleans in a multi-racial, multi-industry context. $75,000 of the requested amount will be funded in July 2006, with the possibility of granting the remainder of the requested $124,620 pending positive evaluation four months from now.

28. North Shore UU Society
$16,550 for a part-time administrator and office equipment.

27. Hurricane Relief and Social Justice Project of the UU Church of Baton Rouge
$16,505 for a half-time job for a New Orleans Volunteer Coordinator from June 1 through September 2006 with extension through February 2007 and possible housing stipend if needed. Coordinator will work with logistics with community partners and work projects to facilitate UU volunteer trips to New Orleans. Proposal also includes resources for a Volunteer Center at First Church (computer, kitchen) –This part of the grant will go to First Church directly.
Phase 2: The newly formed Volunteer Advisory Group will propose the second phase to panel by September 2006.

26. $25,000 for a Gulf Coast Relief Fund Project Manager, Joe Sullivan, to work on areas of the Gulf Coast Relief work including: Communications (internal and external), Evaluation of completed and current projects and reflection on how to improve, Management of projects, Research for future projects and resources.

25. Gulf Coast UU Fellowship and Mississippi Volunteer Coordinator
$57,528 from the community fund and $19,176 from the congregational fund for a total of $76,704 for Mississippi Gulf Coast Volunteer Organizer and Community Minister. This position will offer coordination and volunteer support for the UUSC-funded partners, provide volunteer coordination for UUs seeking to help in post-Katrina recovery efforts, and provide ministry support for the Gulf Coast UU Fellowship and networking with other Mississippi UU congregations. This position will serve the Gulf Coast UU Fellowship ¼ time, and serve as volunteer coordinator ¾ time. The position has been filled by Jinnie Trabulsi.

24. The People's Hurricane Relief Fund and Oversight Coalition (PHRF/OC): Reconstruction Work Group for Right to Return Advocacy.
$56,540 to work with survivors groups to enable participation in an alternative "grassroots" plan for reconstruction of New Orleans. The work will include working with other community organizations and returnees in New Orleans and survivor groups across the nation for consensus around common points for the Right to Return. Compiled consensus points will be used as an advocacy tool for the rights of marginalized groups in the reconstruction of New Orleans.

23. Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)
$65,000 for community organizing around the Right to Return. This grant funds ACORN's grassroots work in New Orleans in four areas: (1) preparation of flood damaged houses in New Orleans so residents can begin repair, (2) community participation in neighborhood viability plans, (3) voter rights including voter registration for the Spring 2006 Mayoral elections in New Orleans, and(4) information and education on environmental protection in New Orleans.

22. Zion Travelers Cooperative Center
$41,450 to construct, outfit, equip, and run a tool and equipment center on the East Bank in Phoenix, Plaquemines Parish, LA where community members and residents can borrow tools and equipment to repair and rebuild their homes. This grant will match funds from Oxfam America to expand the services offered by the Cooperative Center.

21. Kids Rethinking New Orleans Schools (Rethink)
$20,000. For more information, see the news article on "Rethink".

20. Hands Off Iberville
$20,275 to facilitate the return of displaced public housing residents in Houston and Baton Rouge to their homes in the public housing complexes in New Orleans, principally Cooper and St. Bernard. The grant will be used to pay for an organizer who will work with residents to mobilize and advocate for their Right to Return.

19. Jefferson Presbyterian Church, New Orleans, LA
$1,000 rental payment for use of space and resources to be matched by $500 from Community Church of New Orleans and $500 from First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans, LA.


18. Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
$15,000 for a discretionary fund for the support of hurricane relief efforts in the Gulf Coast Area.

17. Gulf Coast Missionary Baptist District Association (GCMBDA) through the Baptist Laymen's Association
$40,000 organize work teams from faith communities, including Unitarian Universalist, around the country to work on homes of families not adequately covered by insurance or FEMA grants throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

16. Jeremiah Group (Industrial Areas Foundation-IAF Affiliate)
$56,000 to support broad-based community organizing. The Jeremiah Group trains and develops community leaders to decide their own direction in order to build a power base of relationships within communities where people have political and social power. For more information, see the April 2006 article: From the Ground Up: Jeremiah and the IAF Network put mayoral candidates on the hot seat by Deborah Cotton.

15. Unitarian Universalist Congregations of New Orleans
$1,500 to the for radio outreach advertising on National Public Radio in the New Orleans area.

14. Advancement Project
$125,000 to provide legal support and defense to a range of community and grass roots organizations working to help their members return to New Orleans and rebuild. The project will also ensure that workers involved in rebuilding the Gulf Coast region are no longer blatantly exploited or discriminated against.

13. Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans, Inc.
$63,000 to establish 11 community centers, called Beacons of Light, in low income neighborhoods of New Orleans. The centers will provide housing services and home ownership information as well as physical space and staff support for community organizing and strategizing. For more information, see the February 2006 UU World article: New Hurricane-Relief Grants Exceed $330K, by Don Skinner.

12. Turkey Creek Community Initiatives
$28,500 to empower the residents of the Turkey Creek watershed to make informed decisions about their future, and to ensure that residents know their rights in the rebuilding process and have their fair share of rebuilding resources.

11. Neighborhood Math Place
$10,000 for an intergenerational community grief ritual facilitated by Sobonfu Somé on February 24-26 in Audubon Park in New Orleans. The purpose of the community grief ritual is to create a space to facilitate formal recognition and closure to a period of personal, neighborhood and community loss and devastation.

10. $60,000 to pay an organizer for PICO ACT of New Orleans and to provide transportation costs for PICO and ACT leaders to meetings in New Orleans and Baton Rouge:

9. The New Orleans Network
$43,750 for salaries for three full time community organizers for the New Orleans Network for five months.

8. NeighborWorks America through their affiliate Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans, Inc.
$30,000 to continue the work of the team begun by grant #5 for grassroots community organizing.

7. Community Church Unitarian Universalist of New Orleans, LA
$40,390 for rental space and rental equipment expenses through June 30, 2006.

6. First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans, LA
$164,200 for infrastructural expenses.

5. NeighborWorks America through their affiliate Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans, Inc.
$17,939 to launch grassroots community organizing for evacuees.

4. Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge, LA
$81,000 to launch a community ministry and volunteer coordinator.

3. $100,000 in Community Aid Grants was divided among the five grantees:

2. $25,000 to each grantee be further distributed as grassroots grants by their respective advisory boards:

1. Funds to pay the salaries of religious professional staff at:

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