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Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations and their members have good news to share! In every facet of the life of our congregations, discoveries have been made; energy gained, new alliances formed, all because congregations, their members and leaders—working together, in clusters, cross-denominationally—discovered something new and wonderful that changed lives and restored hope.

In these stories of congregational life, focuses on the vitality and news of our spiritual communities. Here, you'll meet congregations—of all sizes, in all parts of the United States—who had the courage to experiment to meet a need, change an existing program for a new purpose, share the ministry, encourage generosity of spirit and financial resources—to enliven the ministry of the congregation as it serves its members and the community!

Your stories are welcome. If you have good news to share, contact us with your story focusing on one of the categories listed on this page. Congregational life is about all of us, and we want to share your story with others!

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