Doctrine of Discovery: Study and Discussion Resources

Fourteen minute video telling the true story of the colonization of the United States.

Tupac Enrique Acosta interviews Rev. Michael Tino about the passing of the resolution.

Steve Newcomb of the Indigenous Law Institute on the Doctrine of Discovery.

Chief Oren Lyons on the Doctrine of Discovery.

At the 2012 General Assembly in Phoenix, AZ, delegates of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) passed a resolution repudiating the Doctrine of Discovery.

In the months leading up to the vote, the UUA Board and headquarters staff honored the request of our immigration justice partner organizations and led the association in a period of study and discussion about the Doctrine of Discovery. The resources below can help Unitarian Universalist congregations, groups, and individuals continue to learn more and take action on the 2012 resolution.

Repudiating the Doctrine of Discovery: From Call to Resolution

Study Materials on the Doctrine of Discovery

Taking Action on the Resolution

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