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Applying for a UUA Email List

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) is pleased to sponsor electronic mailing lists for UUA committees, districts, and affiliated organizations, and to host lists on topics of major interest to large numbers of Unitarian Universalists. We do not sponsor lists for individual congregations, with the exception of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, nor for groups that have no connection with the UUA or with Unitarian Universalism.

Before You Complete the Application

List Manager Responsibilities

The job of the list manager is vital to the proper functioning of a mailing list, and the job carries ongoing responsibilities. Each list should have at least two list managers, so that you can cover each others' absences, and so if there are problems with the list, you don't have to make policy decisions by yourself. Please be familiar with the following before agreeing to become a list manager:

  • Subscriber Guide
    You will be expected to help subscribers manage their accounts, and to guide your list in following the Rules for Participating.
  • Manager Guide
    This guide includes administrative shortcuts for managing user accounts, and the Rules for UUA List Managers.
  • Conflict Resolution
    In the event that your list experiences some personality conflicts, you should be aware of our conflict resolution process.


To apply for a list, complete the form below. Your information will be sent to the UUA's Web Team in the Information Technology Service staff group. When we process your application, we'll write back to tell you what's happening to it and what to do next.

Tip: Because this is a long form that asks for long answers, you might want to prepare the answers in advance (in a word processor or text editor) and copy them into the form. You can save this page on your own computer by choosing File, then Save from your web browser's menu.


  • We require manager names before we can consider an application.
  • Do not advertise the list until the UUA has confirmed that it is created, and you have confirmed that the list is working properly.
  • All of the configuration options (welcome message, list description, etc.), except for the list name and list manager, can be changed by the list manager after the initial setup of the list. However, you should not change the moderation status (moderated or not moderated), open status (open or closed), visibility (visible or hidden), or privacy (private or public) without permission from the UUA.
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