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Unitarian Universalist Policy

Since 1961, the Unitarian Universalist Association has passed over a dozen resolutions/statements pertaining to the separation of church and state.

No Tax Dollars for Faith-Based Initiatives
2001 Action of Immediate Witness (Read Full Text)

Oppose the So-called "Religious Freedom" Amendment to the US Constitution
1997 Action of Immediate Witness (Read Full Text)

Challenging the Radical Right
1996 General Resolution (Read Full Text)

National March for Women's Lives
1986 General Resolution (Read Full Text)

Religion and State
1985 General Resolution (Read Full Text)

Public Education, Religious Liberty, and the Separation of Church and State
1982 General Resolution (Read Full Text)

Personal Religious Freedom
1982 General Resolution (Read Full Text)

The Radical Religious Right
1981 Business Resolution (Read Full Text)

New Religious Right
1981 Business Resolution (Read Full Text)

Fostering Intellectual Independence and Scientific Thinking
1977 Business Resolution (Read Full Text)

Reaffirmation of Support for Church-State Separation
1973 General Resolution (Read Full Text)

Lobbying and Legislative Committees
1973 Business Resolution (Read Full Text)

Use of Church Facilities as "Private Schools" to Avoid Desegregation
1970 General Resolution (Read Full Text)

Church Property and Taxation
1967 Business Resolution (Read Full Text)

Religious Education in Public Schools
1964 General Resolution (Read Full Text)

Separation of Church and State
1963 General Resolution (Read Full Text)

Aid to Public Education
1961 General Resolution (Read Full Text)

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Last updated on Tuesday, August 23, 2011.

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