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A Family Under One Sky: the Mulitgenerational UU University Track

Ministry Across the Generations (Multigenerational)

  • How might we build the beloved community by living into the fullness of our common humanity through authentic relationship across the generations?

Our congregations are meant to be places where we find spiritual nourishment and challenge to live lives of meaning and purpose in the world. The multigenerational church is a vehicle through which we learn to practice our values. Intentional multigenerational ministry involves learning to meet the ‘other’ with curiosity and good will; embracing the richness and texture that diversity brings to a community; and questioning dominant assumptions about generalized groups of people and coming to know one another as we wish to be known. Witnessing the ways that the sacred speaks through each of us uniquely and listening for the sacred voice in one another’s experiences makes our whole community more in touch with the call of the divine.


  • Rev. Parisa Parsa, Minister, First Parish Church in Milton, MA
  • Robin Barraza, Director of Religious Education, First Parish Church in Milton, MA

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